How's My Kitty?
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BAZZ & SPAZZ, Entry for March 3-6, 2007
The kids are doing fine so far. They're both super friendly and

attach themselves to me like glue as soon as I walk in.

 Bazz hurries right to the sink to play in the water when I'm

washing their dishes. They eat ALOT of kibble everyday, nearly

the whole bowl ( ! )  and when I put down their wet food, Spazz

wants to eat it all, while Bazz takes a few bits and walks away.

I've been trying to encourage Bazz to take more interest in the

food before Spazz eats it all, but it's no use.. He just wants to

play and socialize rather than eat! We've been playing back

and forth with the feather wand which seems to be their favorite.

Today ( tuesday ) when I arrived they'd been up to alot of mischief

and knocked over all the picture frames along the window and tore

up most of the toilet paper. Someone should make a "toilet-paper like"

cat toy:) It's such a common theme to find the TP totally ravaged:)
2007-03-07 12:01:56 GMT