How's My Kitty?
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MIKESCH & KOLA, Entry for February 27-28, 2007
I took rather a nasty spill today as I stepped onto the side walk. There was a thin sheet of ice I didn't see and down I went.... What a way to start the day - especially with a cup of coffee in hand. Ah! But... when I saw Mikesch and Kola's little faces peering out the windows, I felt much better:) We looked all around for a snow shovel but couldn't find one. Perhaps if I have time, I'll bring my own and see if I can make the walkway a little easier to navigate. The kids are doing fine and eating up a storm. I'm hestitant to give them too much though because I noticed they're both getting little tummies. lol. But all's well and hope you're having some fun!
2007-03-01 16:25:34 GMT