How's My Kitty?
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MIKESCH & KOLA, Entry for February 26, 2007
I cannot believe how GIANT the "kittens" have become. They seem to have doubled in size just since Christmas. They're SO beautiful now too - not that they weren't super cute before but they really have turned into gorgeous looking "Cats" now. But fortunately they're still the mischievious little monkeys they've always been. They had plenty of food left when I arrived. Water was a bit low in all 3 bowls though. You might try leaving just one more water bowl for them next time. The house looks great - don't know what you were apologizing for:) Mixed the two types of food for them as you mentioned and they ran around chasing their toys from the kitchen to the livingroom. They also played with the wand and Sasha enjoyed snuggling on the couch for awhile and loves being carried around of course.  Well, that's it for today!
2007-02-27 16:22:41 GMT