How's My Kitty?
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MAX, Entry for February 25-26, 2007
Hi There! We're doing just fine mom:) Maxie has been his usual chatty self, meowing at the door before I get in. He lets me pick him up and cuddle him a bit longer now which is great! Wolfed his food down as usual both days and supervised all the tidying up with his litter box with keen interest. lol. He just loves that white mousie and jumps as you know higher than any cat I can think of to grab it.  He tires out after about 6-7 jumps though. Can't blame him:) Today he also got a kick out of the red feather wand hiding inside the scratcher. Thank goodness the snow is staying relatively mild and parking's not a problem like before.  I'm going to try to get some pickture of Max's acrobatics. He's just toooo funny.
2007-02-27 16:05:31 GMT