How's My Kitty?
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CLICQUOT, Entry for February 24, 2007
It was just starting to snow pretty hard when I arrived at the house. Clicquot was right at the top of the stairs waiting and meowing when I came through the door - then rolled all around happily for tummy rubs. Tho her bowl was empty, she wasn't too hungry and prefered to socialize on the livingroom rug. I've tried interesting her in the toys, but she could care less about wands and chasing things - tho she'll watch things fly by with interest:) She did like brushing however so we spent most of our time doing that and watching a bit of TV. This is such a good week because every single one of our cats are super sweet and friendly. Not a timid one in the bunch! Clicquot is a great addition to the group:)
2007-02-25 15:09:09 GMT