How's My Kitty?
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JORDAN & PEYTON, Entry for February 24, 2007
Well the boys were especially sweet today because I think they knew it was our last day together... sniff. We had a major snugglefest on the downstairs couch with both of them trying to get as close as possible. Jordan was super funny sitting in my lap and looking up at me upside down. What a face:) lol.  I left them with two full bowls of kibble and 2 full bows of water which I hope will be enough until your return tomorrow night? They are both such sociable kitties I really hated to leave them.. but! That's the life of a Cat Nanny. It's been fun - and have a safe flight back! Of course give us a call if you are delayed in the weather for any reason. Cheers!
2007-02-25 15:01:43 GMT