How's My Kitty?
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KATO & SASHA, Entry for February 24, 2007
Hi there! Well the kids were very sweet and loving again today - both meeting me at the door again with Kato looking down from the top of the TV.  They followed me toward the kitchen for lunch and on the way I saw the MESS they'd made in the bathroom. Ah! They'd kicked out half of the litter in the 2nd open pan onto the floor . So... I decided that wasn't such a great idea anymore and dumped the remainder into their regular box. I put the small box out on the back porch because it was a bit stinky without the sand. You'd taped the liner up so nice I didn't want to rip it all apart yet:)) ANYWAY - we had to do alot of sweeping etc. to get eveything back in order. But all's well now.  Snow isn't too bad here, and I parked on the main street instead of the garage today so I wouldn't get trapped in the alley if we got more than a few inches.  More manana!
2007-02-25 14:48:26 GMT