How's My Kitty?
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ISIS & NAMI, Entry for February 22, 2007
Well I guess this is the wrap up report as I said a wistfull goodbye to the girls last night. They were both so good and sweet the whole time. Nami was pretty crazy and would run around like made up and down the stairs and kitchen cabinets - sometimes growling and chasing her own tail ! What a nut.  Your brother as you know visited for a couple of days which was nice. I didn't stay long while he was there because I felt a bit silly playing with the cats while he's having his lunch etc.  He had put Nami's blue bowl on the mantepiece because he said Isis was trying to get at it - but yesterday I arrived to find it on the floor with the kibble everywhere. Ah! Seems like I'm always picking up after her:)  We also lounged around upstairs as usual watching a bit of TV and they were quite content play-wrestling and grooming themselves. Well.. welcome back !
2007-02-23 15:52:13 GMT