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WARICK & CACTUS ( AM-PM VISITS), Entry for February 16-17, 2007

Friday and Saturday were pretty routine around the house with Warick greeting me at the door and Cactus running like mad from the bedroom closet after a bit. They've been eating great and litter box has been normal. Warick has been really enjoying his grass and I've been watering it everyday. It was looking pretty good until about Wednesday when he chowed down on all the new blades - so it's looking kind of shabby now.  Also, I feel bad for the plant in the bedroom whose leaves need trimming. I almost trimmed it myself, but thought perhaps you'd prefer to do it yourself- because it's going to be a fairly significant "haircut" - as at least 4 of the fronds definitely need to come off. Also... I think Warick was playing with the hands on the clock you had set on the floor by the island. I found them on the floor on Wednesday and put them in a bowl on the sink - BUT the next day they were gone. I searched all around and found one hand by the couch but couldn't find the other. I put it in one of the candles on the table. I thought perhaps Warick wouldn't find it there:) Well - that's about all the catching up I need to do. Hope you guys had a wonderful time and talk to you soon! LH 

2007-02-18 15:40:26 GMT