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SITA & RAMA, Entry for February 15, 2007
I really saw today how dominating Rama can be to Sita - because when I came in he was literally pushing her out of the way so he could get all the attention. lol. And he'd attack her ( semi-playfully) just to let her know she'd better hang back at a distance he was comfortable with - being the King of course. Well, I felt kind of bad for her, so picked her up and gave her lots of cuddles to make up for being treated like a Serf... haha. Then the two of them had their breakfast and ran around happily after each other. So they're doing just great. No worries here.  And parking was much better today, though the only place that I can navigate into is in the lot on the side. But in the morning I've been quite lucky to find a space.
2007-02-16 15:08:26 GMT