How's My Kitty?
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NALA, Entry for February 15, 2007
Well... Nala was definitely surprised to see me this evening, but all started off pretty well with her chatting and chatting and following me around - until... I got near her food bowls to pick them up and feed her. At that point, I think she got worried I was going to take her food away and she started hissing at me.... This was an unfortunate turn of events - but not one I'm totally unfamiliar with :)).  I did try to soothe her by filling her bowls and giving them back to her - but she wasn't impressed. Unfortunately, her attitude made it quite impossible for me to give her the medicine by myself, BUT I did mix it in with her wet food and we'll see if she's eaten it all by morning.  She was happy to go into the bedroom at the end of the visit and I closed the doors and turned the livingroom heat down at discussed. Well---- hopefully she'll have a change of heart tomorrow!! :) Will keep you posted.
2007-02-16 14:52:34 GMT