How's My Kitty?
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WARICK & CACTUS- AM & PM VISITS, Entry for February 15, 2007
The boys were very cute today and as soon as I entered there was Warick at the door and Cactus came running out as fast as he could from the bedroom. Such a great welcome! Then they crowded all around me for breakfast - not that they're starving to death but they're just being more and more sociable and want to be part of everything that I'm doing.  Today, everybody was up on the counter watching all the cutting and chopping. I put them back down - they hop back up... ah well - I'll scrub the sink tomorrow:) In the evening I arrived to find they'd finished all of breakfast and were ready for our dinner routine.  Warick ate a few bites then went to get his ball while Cactus just stuck by me for pets and love. So all's well and enjoy your last day!!
2007-02-16 14:44:41 GMT