How's My Kitty?
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PENNY & NIGEL, Entry for February 13-14, 2007
Well Penny and Nigel got lucky on Tuesday as I was somehow able to find a small spot to park in the school loading zone across the street for a bit. The snow was extremely heavy on Tues. and some kitties who lived on side streets could not be seen because they hadn't been plowed yet- though we'd prepared and left them extra food etc. in case of that eventuality, as I did Penny and Nigel. But I was able to see the kids yesterday and today because the plows were doing a fairly good job on your street - well... at least in front of the school that is, where I just took my chances.  Getting up the stairs was another matter! They were completely covered a foot deep in snow - so that was fun. lol. But I got through and they seemed like they'd been having plenty of fun in my absence because all the rugs were askew. Both are eating well and enjoying their chicken treats. Mostly we play with the lazer light which keeps their interest for quite a long time.
2007-02-15 11:05:57 GMT