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WARICK & CACTUS ( AM-PM VISITS ), Entry for February 13-14, 2007

Hi there! Well it's been pretty crazy here with all the snow - Wish we had better skiing! But we're doing pretty good despite all. Tuesday the boys were totally spoiled because the weather was so bad I just stayed with them in the morning and worked on the laptop as I was able to get an internet connection from the bedroom. For some reason I can't get a signal from the den. Well, the kids really enjoyed that and were running all around playing while I worked and every so often I'd hear Cactus from why above the bed meowing -- then like Superman he'd come flying down and land right beside me with a thud! What an acrobat that one is:)) They've been eating well ( I've been cutting up the food the way they like it too ) but they much prefer to eat in the kitchen or dining room so I have to go along with it. If I take the food in the bath, they just ignore it ! Oh well...  Warick & I play with the ball as well after he eats a bit and he's been very entertaining to Cactus who sits and watches from the couch. Then, sometime around 1 or 2 PM we were all surprised to see your friend arrive! Sorry - I can't remember her name right now. I showed her where their brushes and toys were and took my cue to hit the road, even though it was starting to snow pretty heavily.  In the evening - the alley was totally impassible and full of snow, but I was able to find a spot in the loading zone out front. 

Yesterday,  the alley had been somewhat cleared and I was able to navigate inside.  Warick was especially cute because he hopped up on the kitchen counter and rolled over on his back, stretching out for tummy rubs while I was preparing breakfast. lol. Both ate a little bit  in their usual spots and I put their dishes in the bath before leaving so they could finish after I left. They're always more interested in socializing than eating when I arrive.  At night I arrived to find that your friend had visited again, because the toys and brushes had been picked up and put on the counter. I put the ball and wand back down on the floor for them to play with while I'm gone. Well - that's all the news for now! Will try to post more often! How's the skiing?

2007-02-15 10:08:25 GMT
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Hi Laurie

Glad that you got to meet Carole - she can talk the hind legs off a donkey, but she has the biggest heart imaginable !!

Skiing is great, and even better when we know that the boys are happy.
--Colin & Thierry
2007-02-15 15:14:23 GMT