How's My Kitty?
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PENNY & NIGEL, Entry for February 11-12, 2007
Penny & Nigel are doing fine - and they are just the funniest characters.  On Sunday I left them some chicken on top of their kibble - where they prefer it. I couldn't get them to just take it out of my hand.  But Monday morning it was all gone along with their wet food. We're playing alot with the lazer pointer and they'll run around like mad. What makes me laugh is, they'll get really close to me, watching everything I do, then as soon as I turn around they run like mad back into the bedroom - only to come back out a minute later and start all over again. I think it's a game. Anyway, we're doing fine and I hope you're having  a great vacation!
2007-02-13 15:11:15 GMT