How's My Kitty?
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LADY, Entry for February 12, 2007
Hi there!  Tried maintenance again today, but as usual no answer- so went to buzz the rental office. Fortuanately a very nice tenant let me in the side door instead. Yea!  I did speak to a woman in the rental office however to see if they could remedy the situation with maintenance never being around, but she said they had no control over that.  She did say she'd buzz me in however in the future - so that's good. My only concern is when they are closed. Well... we just have to take it a day at a time. Anyway..... Lady was out and about and meowing like mad as usual, so gave her a ton of pets and tried a soothing  massage, whenever she'd sit still that is- which never is very long. We played with her wand over the scratching post and she ate a few bites of lunch before wanting more attention. I'll probably have Grandma sit with her a bit longer tomorrow.  So not to worry - Lady's hanging in there. Cheers! LH
2007-02-13 15:01:17 GMT