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Seghisio, Meatball & Pinhead, Entry for February 10-11, 2007

Goodmorning! Well first, here's the news from yesterday....

Both the "twins" were waiting in the entry hall when I arrived - but Seghisio was nowhere to be found. So we look all around together to find her. Behind the couch, underneath the furniture, upstairs and down without luck. I called and called but not a word out of her. Finally on the 3rd pass through the bedroom, there she was sitting regally on one of the pillows of the bed ! She looked just like a Queen. So I gave her some pets and Meatball & Pinhead jumped right up next to her to say hello - but she had little use for any of us and gave each of us a firm hiss. So - off we went downstairs to eat. Somebody and torn one of the little glitter balls to pieces last night - and I'll bet who. The rugs were all askew,  and the toys were everywhere, so I think they had a pretty good time during the night.

2/11 VISIT: Well - I was able to get an internet connect so am writing to you from the condo. Both Meatball & Pinhead were waiting in the entry hall when I arrived and Seghisio was sitting in the livingroom. All of them have been so sweet this morning - especially Meatball who's been snuggling up beside me on the couch and Seghisio even came over on her own for some pets and attention. Toys are everywhere, so they had lots of fun last night. Now Seghisio is sitting on her pillow under the coffee table watching Columbo and keeping an eye on me. She's definitely more social today. They ate most of their food from yesterday and everybody seems in good spirits! So all's well and it's been fun looking after them as usual! Drive safely! LH

2007-02-11 18:30:58 GMT