How's My Kitty?
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LADY, Entry for February 9, 2007

Well - I have a new system that worked like a charm yesterday. I got the direct phone number to the boys in the basement. So all I had to do was call on my cell phone and let them know I was outside - while I sat in my nice warm car, instead of waiting outside in the cold. ( No one answers the buzzer for maintenance at the front door by the way - believe me, I tried that ) ANYWAY, I was so happy it worked! And Lady was meowing like mad when I arrived. She was also happy for some fresh food and ate right up - but not all. She just wanted pets, pets and more pets. She played with her scratching post and the wand for a bit. I try to pick her up, but she such a wiggle wart.  Anyway -  we're hanging in there! Take care.

2007-02-10 16:04:21 GMT