How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL & PINHEAD, Entry for February 9, 2007

Hi there. Well the babies were out in full force in the livingroom when I arrived and all glad for pets right away. They'd eaten a fair amount of their kibble and were quite interested in watching as I refilled their bowls. I love their new scarves by the way. After a bit I headed upstairs to clean the other boxes.  At one point, I turned around and saw Seghesio sitting by the entry keeping an eye on me:)) - followed by the other two who ran all around like kittens. Back down in the livingroom I got out a whole lot of toys which was super exciting as always.  Their little eyes look so shocked as I pulled out handful after handful of mice and balls. I believe they think I'm qute mischievious. lol.  But they chased them all around of course and I left lots of toys out for them to play with overnight. When I left - Pinhead and Meatball were giving me those big eyes as if to say "Where are you going?" So it was tough to leave.... ah.. such is the life of a cat nanny... Glad Genny's having fun at the hotel. That's just hilarious she likes to travel. Hope you're having fun too! cheers and more tomorrow!

2007-02-10 15:27:42 GMT