How's My Kitty?
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SNICKERS & SKITTLES, Entry for February 8, 2007
The girls were very good today. Skittles was her usual friendly, cuddly self and even Snickers finally came out of the bathroom toward the end of the visit and started rolling around on the floor for attention and tummy rubs.. very rewarding. Both ate very well of course - and seemed less voracious than usual. I found a little box with pieces of string inside and pulled a few out - which made a pretty good toy. Skittles jumped around after the strings very enthusiastically. Skittles and I also sat on the couch, read a magazing together and watched part of a Middle Eastern film with subtitles. So it was an ecclectic visit :) Hope you had a good flight back! Keys are with the doorman of course. Talk to you soon about next week!
2007-02-09 18:18:38 GMT