How's My Kitty?
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LADY, Entry for February 6-8, 2007
Hi there! Thanks for the email - and I'm going to look for that key in the apt. today. That will make things a tad easier - though I still expect to be waiting outside for someone to open the front or the back doors of the building - BUT, we'll muddle through somehow. As mentioned, Lady is doing fine. I had my mom sit with her a couple hours yesterday and the day before for extra company. She enjoys the kitties and I think it helps the solitary ones feel things are relatively normal.  She's eating about 1/2 can of the day of the wet. I've left her more but it goes to waste if I do. She loves rolling around on the floor but gets all covered in lint and stuff - it's pretty funny.  Let me know where the vacuum is. Also, is someone taking over for me in a couple weeks? Let me know:)  How's is going in Yemen???Ciao for now! LH 
2007-02-09 18:07:47 GMT