How's My Kitty?
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SNICKERS & SKITTLES, Entry for February 6, 2007
The kids are doing great. Both of them came out to meet me today as yesterday, though Snickers hangs back just a bit in the hall for a bit just watching and waiting for breakfast. Skittles is "no worries" and jumps right up on the island and can't wait for pets and attention. They both ate up right away - and I split their portions between the kitchen and the bath serving dishes. Skittles lets me pick her up and walk around and cuddle for awhile. And usually kitties like looking out the window, but not Skittles!  I think the view from the 53rd floor is just a bit too high for comfort and she started shaking a little.  Don't really blame her really. I'm from California and it's pretty darn high for me too:) After that I tried tossing balls, but nobody wanted to join in - however! At one point, Snickers couldn't take it anymore, came out of the bath, stopped next to me and rolled on her back for tummy rubs. That was great! I also brought a leopard wand today and tossed it back and forth between them on the diningroom table which both of them seemed to like quite a bit. Well.. that's all the news for today.
2007-02-08 01:28:49 GMT