How's My Kitty?
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LADY, Entry for February 3-5, 2007
Well, I have to tell you that Lady is doing fine but getting into the apartment has been a royal pain and we need to figure out another solution for next time. Each time I have arrived, nomatter what time of day, there's no one at the receiving desk in the back. So then I drive around to the front, walk in the front door and dial maintenance - but no one ever answers.... So I have to wait until someone comes along and opens the main entry door and slip in behind them like a thief!:) Then, I head downstairs to maintenance and ring the bell for help. Then, I have to go through the 3rd degree each time because my personal name isn't on the permission to enter - only Chicago Cat Nannies and several "other" peoples names not related to CCN.  I've had to go through this every day, since each time I arrive, a different person greets me. ANYWAY..... That's a good 20 minutes wasted that I'd much rather be spending with Lady. So if you have any suggestions, do tell. There's not a whole lot you can do from Yemen though I'm sure... lol.  Nevertheless, once inside Lady is meowing like crazy for attention and SO happy as always to see me. She eating well and gets all excited clawing at her scratching post like mad when it's time to play. So - overall we're doing ok - and I'll probably take have my mom ( Grandma) spend today or tomorrow with her for extra company the way she did with Tyler yesterday - another only cat. Well - cheers and ciao for now!
2007-02-06 15:40:38 GMT