How's My Kitty?
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LARS & THOMAS, Entry for February 2, 2007
Well believe it or not Lars was right at the door when I arrived and as friendly as can be! He hopped up onto the couch and let me pet him and even gave me a couple kisses. It was so sweet. I picked him up and we went hunting for Thomas however who was nowhere to be found. After looking under the bed and here and there, I finally hear a "meow" from the closet and there he was behind your high heels:)  He kept meowing a little worried but I put my hand in for him to sniff and he even let me pet him for a bit - so we made some immediate progress.  I filled up their bowls with a bit more kibble, refreshed the water too. Litter boxes were still clean from when you left, so not much to do there. Thanks! So .. so far so good! cheers!
2007-02-03 10:55:56 GMT