How's My Kitty?
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CHUCKIE & BAILEY, Entry for Jan 30-31, 2007
Hi there! The kids are doing just fine. They were extremely glad for company on Tuesday and both met me right at the door. Chuckie was as friendly as I've ever seen him. Looks like you might have left on Sunday eh? Anyway... the apt. was nice and warm for them which I was glad of because it's soooo freeeezing here and it's going to get colder.  Both days I sat down with them asap and gave them lots of pets, attention and treats of course. They like the shredded meat type the best - especially Bailey. Did a bit of sweeping up in the bath the first day to get everything back in order and played with Bailey in her new house! She mostly liked to grab at things that came up from the inside and really loves the thin string the best. Gave Chuckie a nice brush until he growled that he'd had enough. lol. Well.. all's well here. More later!
2007-02-01 14:50:22 GMT