How's My Kitty?
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SALLY, MOLLY & LOUIE, Entry for January 23, 2007
These three kitties are so unpredictable!! no two days are the same with

them for sure. Sally was sitting on the couch when I arrived and I think she was a little disappointed that it was just me and not mom coming through the door!!  I petted her a little but she wasnt too interested and just got up and went in to the back bedroom where Louie and Molly were sitting under the bed.  I called their names and tried to interest them with the toys, but they werent in the mood to come out.  I took the opportunity to clean the

litter boxes, vacuum and wash and replenish the food and water bowls.  One food bowl was empty this time and the other had barely been touched - usually both are nibbled to about the same level!  One of the feather toys must have been under attack because there were feathers spread around the carpet!!  I went back to the bedroom and all three were still under the bed.  I talked to them in the hope that they would come out for some stroking and petting time, but they seemed to want to stay where they

were. They all are fine but I am sure they are really looking foward to you

getting back!
2007-01-25 00:02:47 GMT