How's My Kitty?
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SALLY, MOLLY & LOUIE, Entry for January 22, 2007
Sally and Molly looked so cute in their little nests when I arrived today - all curled up and napping.  They both opened their eyes when I walked into the bedroom but neither moved out of their comfortable positions.  I checked under the bed and Louie was there.  I decided to put the TV on, thinking that might attract them to the living room while I was cleaning the litter and replenishing their food and water.  Sure enough, Molly came to be with me!  She has such beautiful eyes and is so sweet.  I petted her for a while and tried to get her to play with the red feather but she didnt have too much interest in that.  She seemed happy to have some company and attention and was purring up a storm.  I went back in to the bedroom and Sally was still curled up.  I stroked her a little but she seemed tired and

never moved from her little bed the whole time I was there.  Today Louie

came out from under the bed and was rubbing against my leg.  After I told

him how much I love his pink nose, he rolled over on his back and we had quite a cuddle session!!  He even followed me to the door when I was leaving which I thought was so cute of him.  All is well and I will look forward to my visit tomorrow.
2007-01-23 17:26:07 GMT