How's My Kitty?
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SALLY, MOLLY & LOUIE, Entry for January 21, 2007

Sun. 1/21, Well no one was in sight when I arrived this afternoon so I just started cleaning the litter and replenishing the food and water thinking that curiosity would get the better of at least one of them!  Not to be so I went in search of them.  Molly was on the bed with Louie underneath the bed and Sally was under the bed in the other room.  Today it was Molly that was in a loving and playful mood.  She stood up on the bed when I went in and immediately started purring when I stroked her.  While I was doing that I saw a little pink nose peak out from under the bed - it was Louie!  He stuck a paw out but that was as far as he got!  He did let me pet his head and scratch his neck so he was not at all afraid.  Sally just wanted to stay under the other bed - she seemd fine but was not in the mood for socializing today.  Molly followed me into the living room and started running in a circle through the kitchen.  She jumped on the back of the couch and ran along there...then down into the box on the floor.  We played with the red feather toy for a while, then she jumped up on the end table and seemed to be asking for some head scratching - which I was happy to provide!  She was purring up a storm.......I felt like I made a lot of progress with Molly today.

2007-01-22 15:59:23 GMT