How's My Kitty?
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MAX, Entry for January 20-21, 2007
Well, I think we're going to be back on track here with the blogs again. Maxie is doing great and I'm so glad to be looking after him myself. From the previous blogs I read before I expected him to be much needier than I personally have noticed. On the contrary, he's just an amazingly friendly little guy and took to me right away. He hears me at the door and meows for me to hurry up, but once inside he's quite calm and very playful and sweet.  He always wiggles away when I want to cuddle him though - he's just too busy for that lovey-dovey stuff I guess. I feed him as soon as I come in, his 1/3 rd can which he eats up right away and I wash the dish after for the next day.  Then he supervises the litter box cleanup and hops right in and scratches around for what seems like hours as soon as I'm done. lol. Then he flips all around trying to catch the red feather wand which is SO cute and he gets plenty of exercise. When I left yesterday, he was calmly sitting in the window looking out, so I didn't feel bad leaving him at all. He looks and acts just like my own little orange tabby, Johnny so it was love at first sight. So all's going quite well, and will keep you posted! Cheers, LH
2007-01-22 15:30:58 GMT