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SALLY, LOUIE AND MOLLY (VISIT) Entry for January 18, 2007
I was happy to see Sally sitting peacefully on the couch when I arrived today! I went over and sat with her for a few minutes and she seemed to enjoy
being pet. I then went in search of Molly and Louie. Molly
was curled up in her little basket, but as soon as she saw me, she must have been shy, because she jumped
out and went under the bed. Louie was hiding but I found him under the other bed, right where you had said he would probably be! He would not come out for me, but since this was my first visit, I knew they would be a little shy. I will work on building their confidence in me and hopefully we will become good friends! All was well in the food and water department! There was a little dry food left in each bowl and they did not appear hungry. I replenished the bowls and also the water from the bottles in the kitchen. I also cleaned the litter and vacuumed that area. When the chores were done, I went back to sit with Sally who, by this point, was under the coffee table. We played a little with the red feather toy then she jumped back on the couch and resumed her peaceful pose. I will look forward to my next visit and getting to know these three sweeties better! Cheers!
2007-01-20 02:05:43 GMT