How's My Kitty?
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MAC & DAMIEN, Entry for January 12, 2007
Hello again! Well, we're still rolling along and again, thanks for all the news! Did I tell you I went to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Waikiki? Life was a bit different then - only the Royal Hawaiian, Outrigger and Colony Surf ( where we lived ) were on that whole strip of sand... can you imagine? lol. We didn't wear shoes to school either - which was a bit challenging for a haoli without caluses. Anyway... Mac was particularly playful yesterday and was running like mad as fast as he could from the kitchen to the livingroom.  I think both of them had been "playing" quite a bit the night before as I found quite a few puffs of fur in the hall as well. They were also both snuggly as can be and I took turns carrying them around and chatting about this and that. They hadn't quite finished all their dry food in the auto feeders which I was actually glad to see. I don't like the idea of them being there without some munchies.  I also opened up the aquarium and picked up Mr. Hermit Crab, who was in the same spot again. I didn't see any legs, and he hadn't eaten any of the pellet I put down right next to him either. Also, it's Really smelly in there.. whew! What do you think?
2007-01-13 17:49:34 GMT