How's My Kitty?
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BAZZ AND SPAZZ (VISIT) Entry for January 12, 2007
I had quite the surprise today when I arrived at the apartment! I went to open the door, and was only able to open it a crack before I noticed the scratching pad was getting in the way of the door opening the rest of the way. Bazz and Spazz must have moved it across the living room and in front of the door. What silly little kitties!! After I peeked in the door and moved the scratcher, Bazz was right there to greet me and purred away. What a sweetie! I found Spazz in his usual spot on the bed, and he woke right up and purred away. I made sure to refill the food and the water, and I also changed the litter. It was unfortunately my last visit of these two lovely kitties, and I am going to miss them so much! Thank you for allowing me to take care of them, I hope you had a great trip!
2007-01-13 02:17:50 GMT