How's My Kitty?
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MAC & DAMIEN, Entry for January 9-11, 2007
Hello boys, well I was able to read all your news in the comments section and it all sounds just wonderful.  Sounds like just the thing for Chris and I right now, so I'm going to pick your brains when you get back. I also sent you a little note by email as well.  Am seeing the kitties each morning and will be heading over their way soon again today. Met your neighbors yesterday and their little boy who was very curious about me. I am finding some soft stool in the litter boxes, but as I remember this happens rather frequently so I'm not worrying too much. One of them however did some sliding on his bottom in the bedroom and tracked a bit of poop on the rug. Have you seen this before? I think it might be Mac. Both are in very good spirits though with no sign of any distress. When I come in, Mac rolls all around on the floor begging for tummy rubs and Damien just hops up onto the island for pets right away. Both eat up as soon as I put the packets of wet food down and all the food is gone from the feeders when I arrive each day. I put down a new pellet of food for hermit crab, who remains in the same spot. I'll try and pick him up today and see what's up with him. Anyway, will try to keep up daily from now on and will check for your news too. Cheers LH
2007-01-12 16:43:17 GMT
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Aloha from the southern side of Kaui, Poipu. Today we leave for the other side of the island, Princeville. I can't tell you how much I love it here. Mark and I have decided that somehow we are moving here. If not before I am able to retire, then at that point. Once he has his CPA he will be able to pretty much get a job anywhere. The weather is beautiful today, sunny and 74 so far. Tell the boys they are going to get a spanking for doing the boot scoot boogie across the carpet. Yes, they have done it once or twice before. I think I need to cut some hair from around Mac's third eye. It seems to be catching there. Yes indeed, they are eating better. Especially Mac as I think after all the dental work he had done, he eats like a little pig and starts hollering the minute you enter the kitchen. Yes, you need to make it to the islands. I can give you plenty of information as this is my 10th trip and Mark's 3rd. We still haven't made it to the islands of Lania or Molikai though. Perhaps next time. Lots of relaxing this time. Tommorrow Mark is going to do this hike that I already said I am way to old and fat to even try it. I will be swinging in the hammock with a Mai Tai and setting up a massage. Talk to ya soon. Lots of Aloha from both of us. Mahalo Nui Loa
--Don & Mark
2007-01-12 20:43:45 GMT