How's My Kitty?
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BAZZ AND SPAZZ (VISIT) Entry for January 11, 2007
Both kitties were hanging out in the living room again when I arrived today. I immedietly went to the kitchen, with both Bazz and Spazz following right behind me. I filled up the food bowls, refilled the water and changed the litter so everything is well. Bazz gets so eager for food! Today he climbed right up on the counter while I was preparing it. Spazz waited patiently by the refrigerator, with an occassional meow when I glanced at him. They always seem so happy to recieve their food! After eating, they both continually rubbed up against my legs and purred loudly. For playtime, the kitties were feistier then ever! We played with the wand with strings coming from it, and Spazz had some surprise attacks. He would keep his eye on the wand and look as if he was going to pounce on it, but at the last minute, he would go right for Bazz and surprise him! These two are so playful! I think playtime might have tired them out a bit, because both kitties and I had time to cuddle afterwards. Spazz took his place on my lap, and Spazz lay in my arms and rested. How adorable! I hope all is well for you! Cheers!
2007-01-11 17:18:33 GMT