How's My Kitty?
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BAZZ AND SPAZZ (VISIT) Entry for January 9, 2007
The two kitties were lounging in the living room when I arrived, and immedietly started purring when they saw me. I think they spent almost the entire visit purring away! The two were both incredibly friendly, and cuddled right up to me on the couch. I took turns with each kitty on my lap, while the other would go lay in a beam of sunlight and wait patiently for their turn. After our cuddling time, it was time for food. Both Bazz and Spazz are eating well, and are finishing all of their wet food. After lunch, we played with the feather wand. I would twirl it in the air, while Bazz would bat at it with his paws. Because Spazz didn't seem to be as eager to play with this particular wand, I decided to use another wand for him. It worked! With a wand in each hand, both kitties were batting away! What fun little kittens!! I absolutely love my visits with these two cuties! Cheers!
2007-01-09 21:31:32 GMT