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MAC & DAMIEN, Entry for January 7 & 8, 2007
Hello again! We're having a little off and on technical difficulties with the blog so sorry for the delay - and at the moment it will not display your comments. Ah! But here's the latest news - and I'll respond to your comments as soon as I know what they say! The boys are doing just fine. I also changed hermit crabs water, making sure the sponge was good and wet as well. I don't see any food being eaten and he doesn't appear to have move from the spot I first saw him in. Are you sure he's alive? But as for the boys, not sure if I told you - but after the tin can spill, I noticed that you had the sensitive stomach food for them instead, so that is what I'm feeding them and we should have plenty it appears until your return...  Both of them are as loving as can be and come right out for love and pets as soon as I walk in - and jump up together on the chopping block and kitchen counter to anxiously watch the preparation of their meal. Both are eating very well, are playful and sweet so all's going just fine:) I also called and left a message to that affect as well. But it looks as though you have internet now, so we should be able to chat via the blog as soon as they fix whatever problem they have. So talk to you soon! LH
2007-01-09 17:16:44 GMT
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Mahalo from Kauai! We are having a wonderful time and got upgraded to a full ocean suite. It is incredible and am enjoying lots ot quiet time. Couple of hikes today up to Waimea Canyon and Polihale. We have rough seas, so hopefully our Napali coast zodiac raft in the AM will not get cancelled. Tonight was free Mai Tai's. Feeling no pain from the hike at all. Mark went up to the room to unwind. Said to say hello! The hotel is astounding, and very friendly. We are going to get spoiled. One more day and then we drive over to Princeville where we rented the house. Should be sweet. Glad to hear the boys are doing well. I am feeding a local cat, plenty of roosters and the woodpeckers that come to the lanai in the morning. How is the weather there? Oh well, give the boys my love and tell them we miss them. I don't know about those hermit crabs. One had already eaten the other before we left. If he doesn't move and you want to pick him up, you will know instantly if he has gone to Jurassic heaven :-) We saw a perfect Yoga kitty T-shirt, but didn't know what size you wore. Oh well, don't want to tie the computer up so I will cut it short for now. Talk to ya soon.
--Don & Mark
2007-01-11 06:15:21 GMT
Aloha again. Hope all is well. Haven't seen any recent comments or your world famous pics. Today we went out on a Zodiac and did the Napali coast. Incredible. Going up the beach to check out and see if any of the monk seals are lounging resting up for their night of hunting. WIll have internet access tommorrow, but then not sure for the next few days after that as we will be renting a house. I believew there is an internet cafe, so if there is I will hit it. Mark said to say hello and give the boys his love. We are having a blast. It is going to be so hard to come home. Hope the weather there stays at least half way decent!! Sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts are with you. Hang in there. Talk to you more soon. Cell phone is not working here in Hawaii, so will get you our new phone number for the next few days so you have it.
--Don &amp; Mark
2007-01-12 00:24:37 GMT