How's My Kitty?
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SAM (VISIT) Entry for January 2, 2007
Sam was actually, for the first time, in the living room when I arrived! To
be greeted by Sam was a pleasant surprise! He followed me into the
kitchen and as I prepared his wet food he went immediately went to his water bowl for a drink. I sat the the food down, but he must have become bored in the process because he ran right upstairs. Oh well, I guess he wanted to get the medication part of the visit out of the way, so I followed him & proceeded to prepare his meds. I gently placed him on the towel and brushed him for a while. He took his meds well; he seems to get more used to it with me each day. He ran into the closet afterwards and I took this opportunity to change the water bowls, refresh the food bowls, clean the litter boxes and take the garbage out. By this time it was almost time to go. I found Sam on the master bed & told him that it was really nice to have met him and take care of him. I assured him that mom & dad would soon be home and things would be back to normal. I bid him farewell until next time. Cheers!!
2007-01-03 19:19:52 GMT