How's My Kitty?
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KATZE (VISIT) Entry for January 2, 2007
Katze came right out to see me this morning and waited for me by the couch while I gave her more food (she ate most of her food, there were only crumbs left), and gave her fresh water. She was laying on some red paper that used to be under the Christmas tree (she brought a piece of it out to the living room, and seems to love laying on it!) I sat down on the couch and patted it with my hand, and she knew that was her cue to come over and sit with me. We watched some TV and snuggled. She meows sometimes like a little cat bark, it is very cute. How adorable!! I spent a good amount of time with Katze, we enjoy each others company quite a bit! All is well here!!
2007-01-03 06:31:47 GMT