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SNOWFLAKE AND SPRINKLES (VISIT) Entry for January 2, 2007
Sprinkles and Snowflake both met me at the door today. I can't believe how opposite the girls are! Sprinkles greeted me with very warm meows and licked my hand. I'm so happy that she enjoys my visits as much as I like seeing her! Snowflake, on the other hand, let me pet her today! I can't believe how much progress we're making! I gave Snowflake some treats to reassure her that I'm one of the good guys. :) After the dispensing of the treats, Sprinkles and I played with the disk with the balls inside and the mousie on a spring on top again. This time I made sure the outside ball spun round and round. Ever so often she tried to bat at it, but I think she was having as much fun watching the ball spin! More kitty updates tomorrow! :) Hope all is well for you!
2007-01-03 06:26:26 GMT