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ISIS AND NAMI (AM VISIT) Entry for January 1, 2007
Nami sleepily greeted me at the door this morning, maybe her and Isis were up listening to the countdown as well! :) After we greeted each other with much cuddling on the floor, I began to fix breakfast. As soon as Isis heard the food container shake, she sprinted as fast as she could down the stairs. I rewarded Nami with another treat while Isis was preoccupied with her food. I really think that this maybe starting to work! Hurray! After the girls were done with breakfast, Isis thought it would be a good idea to flop around on the floor while Nami and I were upstairs playing with the dangling squares. Nami sat on her perch and watched me freshen up the litter as if she was trying to say, "Hurry up and play with me already!" She had a good time batting at the squares as I pushed them towards her. I can't believe how quick our weeks have gone by! I love spending time with these cuties!
2007-01-02 07:12:49 GMT