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MAX & LEXI (VISIT) Entry for January 1, 2007
Max came to greet me at the front door today, meowing at me and rubbing
his side against my leg. Lexi came out of the bedroom area a couple of
minutes later; I must have awaken her from a nap. She meowed at me too,
signaling that it was time for lunch! I wished them a Happy New Year and began to prepare their wet food. I gave them each their 1/2 pouch of wet which they ate happily. While they ate I took the opportunity to clean the litter box, and just decided to replace it. There were a couple holes in the lining so I replaced the lining and changed out the litter. I took the litter directly to the garbage and when I returned both Max and Lexi were in the living room, waiting for their playtime with the wand toys and brushing. Lexi actually played with the wand toy today, something she has rarely done during my visits. I think she was feeling a bit feisty today! Max had his time with the wand toy, also, ever happy to pounce, jump and ensnare the toy end, which he did with much glee! I gave each a good brushing and by then it was time to say goodbye until tomorrow. Everything is well here, I hope you are having a happy New Year! :)
2007-01-02 07:04:40 GMT