How's My Kitty?
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SAM (VISIT) Entry for January 1, 2007
Sam was taking it easy on the master bed when I arrived to take care of
him today. I wished him a very Happy New Year & spent some time petting him which he seemed to enjoy. I prepared his medication and vitamins
before I brought him into the bathroom, and then continued by cleaning his
litter downstairs and changing out the water and replenishing the food
bowls. I then gently lifted Sam and carried him into the bathroom. After placing
him down on the towel I gave him a good combing, including under his chin &
his tail. I then gave him his meds, which he took really well! He seems get
more & more used to it each time I give them to him. He wanted to escape
into the closet immediately, so I let him be and wished Sam a good day until
tomorrow. Hope all is well with you!!
2007-01-02 07:00:29 GMT