How's My Kitty?
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JD AND JACKS (VISIT) Entry for January 1, 2007
Jacks was happy to see me when I came in, and jumped onto the counter to watch me add food to the half empty food dish and put fresh water in the bowl. JD was in the bedroom on the bed and he let me pet him a little after he sniffed my hand. Jacks followed of course, excited to see me. We sat down on the couch and Jacks soaked in the attention while we watched TV. JD came in a little later, a bit apprehensive and sniffed me a little from the floor. After I pet him he wandered off to the other side of the room. These two are such cuties!! I look forward to seeing these two, their company really makes my day! Hope all is well for you!
2007-01-02 06:54:46 GMT