How's My Kitty?
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SAM (VISIT) Entry for December 31, 2006
All was quiet when I entered Sam's home, except for a friend that was

staying over. He said Sam was doing well and that he had fed Sam a little

wet food the night before. I went upstairs to check on Sam where I found

him lounging on the master bed. He let me pet him a bit & afterwards I

prepared his medication. I gently picked Sam up & brought him into the bathroom to administer his meds. I combed him for a while on the towel, which he seemed to enjoy. He took his meds well, running off afterward into the master closet for some alone time. I took this opportunity to clean his litter

box, which saw some activity in. I prepared his wet food, replenished his dry food and replaced his water. I went back upstairs to wish Sam a Happy New Year & that I'll see him next year (tomorrow)! Hope all is well for you!
2007-01-01 23:32:57 GMT