How's My Kitty?
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MAX & LEXI (VISIT) Entry for December 31, 2006
Max greeted me as I entered and Lexi was soon to follow. Lexi was very
vocal as I was preparing lunch! As they ate their wet food I cleaned the
litter box and cleaned and replenished the water fountain. After lunch I put out some catnip which Lexi really enjoyed. She sniffed & rolled around in it a
bit. Max looked on in amusement! We all made our way to the living room for
a good brushing for each. Lexi really likes to be brushed - she rolled
onto her belly again! Afterwards Max & I played a game of chase the leather
wand toy. He loves to stalk and pounce, a fine little hunter! I wished them
each a Happy New Year & bid farewell until 2007. Cheers!
2007-01-01 23:31:00 GMT