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ISIS AND NAMI (AM VISIT) Entry for December 31, 2006
Well, it's New Years Eve and the girls are doing great! Nami's bowl was not knocked over, so I rewarded them again. It's pretty funny, Nami seems to think that whatever Isis is getting is better that what she has and goes over to her food dish and samples some of her before going back to her own bowl! Today we had a great snuggle session on the couch. Isis and Nami both hopped up on the futon with me and were content to have a nice rub down. I can't believe how much Isis likes to have her belly rubbed! Nami eventually got sick of being pet, and started to hunt the tennis ball I rolled near her. These girls sure are having a great New Years Eve, and I hope you are too!! :)
2007-01-01 09:35:43 GMT