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KOOPA (VISIT) Entry for December 31, 2006
Little Koopa was waiting for me at the door again. I think she knew it was my last day because she seemed to be super affectionate! She sat up on her hind legs and asked me to pick her up. How could I resist! I held her up but my shoulders while I went around the house on my daily duties. I added a bit more kitty treats to the metal dish just in case she was expecting something more. After that we had a nice snuggle session on the couch. If found out that she really likes it when I shake her belly! Next we played with the little green lizard. I slid it for her near the dining table, then she attacked it, and threw it up in the air! I'm so sad I have to leave this cutie pie! Hope you had a great trip!
2007-01-01 09:33:24 GMT
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We are comming home Koopers!

Thank you so much for taking care of her, it sounds like she liked you a lot!
2007-01-01 17:56:35 GMT