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ROXANNE AND RILEY (VISIT) Entry for December 31, 2006
We had a nice "goodbye" visit today - both kitties were being very
loving and it really seemed like they understood when I told them that their
family would be home tomorrow and this was my last day. In fact, Riley
jumped in to the suitcase in the bedroom, something he has never done
while I have been there before, almost as if to say that he understood that
the holiday trip was coming to an end. Riley didnt like the vacuum cleaner
and he jumped up out of the way while I was busy...he soon returned to the
floor when I put it away. I did a complete refresh of the litter box
again - it probably could have lasted another day or two but I figured after
a long trip from Europe and jet lag, that a clean box would be nice.
Neither Roxanne nor Riley seemed particularly hungry today......again they were more interested in socializing, combing and rolling on the carpet.
When I left, they were in good spirits and everything was clean and they had
plenty of dry food and fresh water. I have really enjoyed looking after
these two sweeties and I will miss them. I am glad it worked out that
I could take care of them at the last minute. :) Thank you for letting me spend time with these two cuties!
2007-01-01 09:31:25 GMT