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ROXANNE AND RILEY (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
When I opened the door, Roxanne and Riley were standing right
there. They came right up to me and started rubbing their noses
against my leg. Riley was purring up a storm within minutes. even although
their dishes were empty, they did not make a beeline for the kitchen so didnt
seem to be too hungry. We played with some of their toys which they
had pulled out of the little basket before I fed them. They ate one can of
wet food between them and when I put down the dry, Riley nibbled a little
and Roxanne wasn't even interested. They both went back into the living
room and started rolling over. I pulled out the comb which Riley really
loves (both as a comb and as a toy) and Roxanne was interested this
time too. They seem to be enjoying our playtime and are quite content and
look great. No worries on any front! I will be making my last visit tomorrow (Sunday 12/31) and I am sure they are going to be really happy to see you on Monday. Have a safe flight back to the US. Happy New Year!
2007-01-01 09:29:56 GMT