How's My Kitty?
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TINK & FOXY (VISIT) Entry for December 30, 2006
All was quiet when I entered Tink and Foxy's home today, and the
kitties were nowhere to be found at first. I went to their regular
hiding place, under the futon, to look for them, but they had fooled
me - they weren't there! I proceeded to look under the master bed and
found Tink, peering out at me with huge eyes! I asked Tink where Foxy
was, but he wasn't talking. So I went into the kitchen to prepare
their food and water, and a flash of black came running out from the
enclosed porch! My activity in the kitchen must have startled Foxy,
and she ran from the porch, all the way to the safety of the futon in
the front room. I went to the porch, now empty of kitties, and cleaned
out their litter box. When I went back inside, I had a brief visit
from your upstairs neighbor, Ari, who was just checking in to make
sure all was well. We chatted briefly, and then I said goodbye to Tink
and Foxy. All is well here!
2006-12-31 19:10:48 GMT